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     Our    Values 

Our pig management software helps pig producers holistically digitize maintenance operations in their pig houses. With the push notification feature, farmers are reminded of the activities they need perform in their farms.

Who Are We

As the Ministry of Agriculture, we use the data collected through this system to better enhance the pig industry to enhance food security in eSwatini and productivity for local farmers. We are responsible for the development and promotion of appropriate technologies and efficient extension services while ensuring stakeholder participation and sustainable development and management of natural resources in the country. Pigbase has decision-making tools with fast, easy data entry, and flexible yet powerful reporting. This helps you get real time data for your farm performance.

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide quality service to local pig farmers and other stakeholders through effective extension service. Pigbase adds transparency to what we do. Data collected in Pigbase will not only help you make informed decisions but will also help us make better policies. The data is analysed and harnessed with research based information and delivered back to you (the target audience) through workshops and field visits to give you skills and knowledge to improve the quality of your pig farming.

Our vision

We are committed to promote the pig industry in eSwatini by providing you with improved genetics and quality extension service towards sustainable and diversified pig industry.

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