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What is Pigbase?

Pigbase is a web-based pig management system (Application) that serves the pig industry in eSwatini. It is designed to help you seamlessly manage your pig farm, boost performance and increase your productivity. Technically, it is meant to improve your record keeping giving you all you need to manage your farm from input supplies procurement, production to sales. Pigbase was developed in 2019 by the Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Veterinary and Livestock Services under the Pig Industry Enhancement Project sponsored by Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund. The original aim for Pigabse was to help the pig farmer in eSwatini keep proper records for optimum performance.


Enhancing the pig industry to the fullest is what we do. We exist to help you as a pig industry stakeholder from any sector in eSwatini. Help us to help you.

What we do/Services

We supply improved breeding gilts and high quality boar semen for your optimum pork production. Our extension service ensures you get the assistance that you need to achieve high productivity. The technical advice goes a long way from pig production to slaughter. To use our system you need to create a secure account for our Pigbase platform

On Time

With Pigbase, you can order semen and your orders processed on time. Please note: all semen orders should be done a day before collection. Orders that come later than 08:20 am of same day will be taken as orders for the following day.


Pigbase has decision-making tools with fast, easy data entry, and flexible yet powerful reporting. This helps you get real time data for your farm performance.


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